The Journey Begins!

So after a great weekend of the Palooza and Just Show Up Show, I expected to breeze into my office for a few days of well needed calmness and desk catch up. My dreams of respite were blown, when the Mayor sat down and said “Let’s move the Palooza to May.” I laughed in response – frantically thinking, “What! I am already behind!!!” The responsible, professional part of me responded with “Of course, what are your thoughts?”

In the process of moving the date, Debbie and I decided to go big or go home and now we are building a website and blog, ramping up our social media game and planning another successful Palooza without the blistering heat of July. Pretty excited to see what we will come up with.

Events like the Palooza or the Just Show Up Show don’t just happen, they require a lot of organizing, asking for money, making sure all vendors and sponsors are happy and the logistics of attendees, performers and volunteers.

Between meetings and real life, we are excited about the journey ahead of us to have another great community event! See you there!