2016 Palooza Highlights

Once the planning is in full swing and the vendor applications start pouring in the real fun begins! As we read the descriptions of items being sold, our imaginations start working and our wallets begin to feel lighter! Oh of course we will have time to visit each booth and meet the vendor and of course check out the goods! Some of our vendors are new and some are seasoned pros and we are excited to have both at the Palooza!

Due to the nature of our facility sometimes we have our event on ice and sometimes we don’t ~ I much prefer the no ice option! After hearing from several of our vendors, they love being inside, but the ice does make it more challenging!

Friday night during vendor move in, we discovered the floor had puddled water on it. Never one to back away from a challenge, we brought huge fans in and dried up all traces of water by the start of the day.

A couple of changes for this year included the moving of the bounce house inside and relocating Home Depot Children’s craft under the porte cache to help beat the heat. Both changes were well received by the children and the parents who waited for them.

My favorite treat were the fried Oreo’s and funnel cake. I mean really, how could they not be! ¬†That’s not to say our other food vendors weren’t yummy, but I had to draw the line with fried dough and powdered sugar!

Our great sponsors, Avadian Credit Union, Coke and Mobley Development,  greeted everyone as they came in to the event along with volunteers from the Pelham Beautification Board. Many thanks to you all for providing a warm wlecome to the Palooza.

Our demonstration stage featured our local talent, Grebel Dance, Senior Line Dancers, Magic by Kevin and two new acts, Ballet Folklorio Latinamerica and GMP Birmingham Circus! High flying hoops and aerial silks wowed the crowd! What great additions to an already great day.

As much fun as it was to attend to the event from beginning to end, I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet the vendors and performers, say hi to old friends in the community and make some new friends.

Debbie and I look forward to what Palooza 2017 brings and look forward to seeing you there!





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