Imagine my surprise, when standing backstage at the Just Show Up Show in July listening to Daya with my daughter and her friends, Dino (103.7) yells my name to have me come on stage!!

So up I go to center stage, of the main stage, at Oak Mountain Amphitheater, to thank everyone for attending and wish them a great time! Really intimidating to look out at almost 5,000 people, but hey, check off item on my bucket list!


Sounds glamorous and amazing and it was, but Debbie and I didn’t do it alone! We would never have been able to gather such great artists without the help of Mason Kerth and Dino Conrad. In 2015, they secured Echosmith just as they went really big, and the turnout was fantastic!


After all of the needs of the artists are meet and believe me they can be crazy, bills are paid, work is done and we can sit back and enjoy the amazing show! Debbie and I appreciate all of the work that goes on behind the scenes with Oak Mountain Amphitheater, stage work and little details handled by iHeart Media and we thank you!!!

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